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BBQ Chicken

January 18, 2013 5 comments


We use to eat these wonderful BBQ Chicken pieces (we called them chunks) from the   Wal-Mart Deli.  Well we can’t have those anymore, they are fried and drenched in BBQ sauce.  So I decided the one night with our Walden Farms BBQ Sauce to make my own version… a healthy version.

We have made this meal a couple times now and love it each time, even my kids try and steal some of it (they usually have something else because this would not please all 4 of them)  You can make it as spicy as you want too!  I use egg whites as a coating, I don’t really know why I just thought it would be a nice addition for the sauce to cling to and give it a coating. Read more…


Walden Farms and More

January 16, 2013 6 comments


Since being in Ideal Protein there are many things we have had to change.  Like salad dressing!  And with eating as much salad as we do a good salad dressing is important.

What is approved is Walden Farms Salad dressing and boy do they have a LOT to choose from!  What Mike (hubby) and I have found out is EVERYONE has their own tastes.  There are things I love he doesn’t care for as much.  So here is my opinion of some of the Walden Farms products and what ketchup (not Walden Farms) we like!

One thing to remember… a little goes a long way with their products, trust me!

Walden Farms Dressing:

Caesar – This is my favorite by far, Mike likes it okay
Honey Dijon – Mike loves it, I want to try it on chicken!
French – icky icky icky (to both of us) you can taste the vinegar and is spicy!  French is what I normally like on a salad
Asian – Just bought to use on chicken, will update when we have used it
Bacon Ranch – Okay if I HAVE to HAVE something on my salad, not my favorite
Creamy Italian – Another of MIke’s Favorites!
Zesty Italian – Mike likes it, but likes Creamy better.  I want to use on chicken soon! Read more…