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Microwave Peanut Brittle

December 17, 2016 Leave a comment

Yes, you can make peanut brittle in the microwave and it’s SO easy and so good!  This recipe came with an OLD microwave cookbook!  Did you know back when they fist came out they came with cookbooks?  Crazy I know!  You could also cook a whole turkey in the microwave.

This recipe my mom and I have been making for YEARS, and have had people actually beg for us to make it for them.  Mostly because they have tried it and couldn’t get it to turn out.  First thing I had to do is adjust the times as the microwaves then are a lot different from now.

I am going to warn you ahead of time, have EVERYTHING ready as it’s quick and you need to stir and add things fast.  Make sure your pan you put it on is ready as well so you can pour fast.  Sometimes having a 2nd set of hands to help is best, but I have done it by myself as well.


1 C sugar
1/2 c corn syrup – light
1 C raw spanish peanuts
1 tsp butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda

Have a 2 quart glass bowl you can microwave and a buttered cookie sheet or jelly roll pan ready.


  • In your 2 qt bowl combine sugar & syrup and stir.
  • Heat at high for 3 min. Take out, add peanuts, stir well.
  • Heat on high for another 3 mins.  Take out, add butter & vanilla, stir well.
  • Heat 1 min on high.  Take out, add baking soda and stir gently until light & foamy.
  • Pour quickly onto buttered cookie sheet and spread thin (we bang it on the floor, drop it etc)

Cool and break.  Just remember to pour FAST, it starts to cool and will harden quickly.  I use a rubber spatula to get it all out too!

**I will add pictures next time I make it**