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Taco Meatloaf

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment


So, these can be eaten like meatloaf, maybe with a little salsa on top.  OR they can be wrapped up in lettuce, which is what I did, and eat it like a taco.  OR you can crumble them a bit on a salad for a taco salad!  I personally liked them wrapped up in lettuce, Mike ate them that way (after he saw what a great idea it was) with some tomato.  I got this recipe from someone else on Facebook (Ideal Protein – Lohja, Finland) if you want to look them up, lots of great recipes!

I will be making these again for sure, they were really good and better than when I just made taco meat to put on a salad.  I think it’s something about baking them.

So here are the ingredients for the loaves and another ingredient list for homemade taco seasoning because all taco seasonings I have found have sugar in them! Read more…


Meatloaf and Sliced Baked Potatoes

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

What is better than meatloaf?  Meatloaf sandwiches the next day?

My family loves meatloaf, I love meatloaf… what is not to like?  Meat, ketchup…. okay I know some people don’t like ketchup so use BBQ sauce.  I don’t make fancy meatloaf with cheese in it or bbq sauce.  I have tried different recipes but the kids always wants this meatloaf.

Now with meatloaf there are tons of things you can use as a filler.  I use breadcrumbs and will always use breadcrumbs (or hot dog bun crumbs) it’s what I like.  Now I have heard of people using oatmeal, crackers, stale cereal…. and many other things.  Use what you want, but know it does change the texture and flavor.  I normally use white bread but we once had some potato buns left over and I used them, I could totally tell a difference.
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