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Crock Pot Roast and Rice

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

There is nothing better than throwing something in the crock pot and not thinking about it until dinner time.  It lets you not think about dinner all day and then it’s like, Presto, dinner is done!  One thing I love is roast.  I have never cooked one any other way than the crock pot.  Usually what happened is on Sunday we would have a roast, maybe potatoes, rolls and a veggie.  Then on Tuesday or Wednesday we would dig the left over roast out with the gravy it automatically makes when cooked, shred it up and serve it over white rice.

But my boys, they don’t like roast all that much, so on Sundays they didn’t eat a lot of meat.  But they LOVED and raved over the leftovers.  So my mom had a brilliant idea.  Once the roast is done cooking, put rice in the crock pot and have roast and rice that night and you will still have it left to have leftovers later in the week.
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