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Pickle Zipper Fish w/ Roasted Cauliflower

January 26, 2013 13 comments


So one of the packets from Ideal Protein is Dill Pickle Zippers, they look like this


They are crunchy and if you like dill you will love these!  Me… well I love dill pickles but these were a bit strong.  I ate a few and just couldn’t eat anymore.  Mike didn’t mind them but I decided to get creative and use our last packet up a different way.  I took one packet and crushed it up to coat Tilapia with!

One thing I would do differently is NOT coat the bottom of the fish.  It was kind of strong sometimes and one packet almost didn’t cover all the fish.  Notice we used some shrimp, these were pre-cooked so I just threw them in a pan over medium heat with a little seasoning and olive oil.

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Joe’s Crab Shack Eat at Home Salmon – Review

November 13, 2010 33 comments

So I love me some fish, especially salmon!  The kids like it but I would eat it a couple of nights a week if I could.  Last time I was out shopping I looked a bit more in the frozen meal section then I normally do and found these Joe’s Crab Shack meals for 2.  Sometimes there are nights when the kids eat sandwiches or frozen meals so I decided to grab a couple of these for the hubby and I.

The other night the kids really weren’t too hungry after grazing on popcorn, sandwiches and such, so Mike and I decided to try one of these.  He took care of the cooking of it so I have no pictures but he said it was really easy and you make everything in the microwave.  While it was cooking it sure did smell good!

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