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Steak and Eggs

January 15, 2013 Leave a comment


Okay first thing I am going to tell you is we used Eye of Round.  Yes it’s a tougher steak but it’s also cheap!  We got 2 for $4 and were about 4 oz each.  Tenderizing it or marinading it works best to lose some of the toughness but we didn’t do that… next time I will.  But if you want cheap, go ahead and try it, it’s also a really lean piece of meat!

We had steak, 2 over easy eggs (which makes even the toughest piece of meat taste better) and some brussels sprouts.  It was a good dinner, filled me up for sure and even had a salad on the side.  Anyone who thinks this plan we are on doesn’t fill you up, well they are wrong! Read more…


Over Easy Hamburger w/ Brussel Sprouts

January 4, 2013 Leave a comment


Okay so this is a REALLY simple one but still good!  One thing I have missed on the Ideal Protein diet is a CHEESEburger… I crave the cheese and bun!  But we have made due using lettuce as the “bun” etc.  But tonight I wanted an egg on my burger so we did a simple one. Read more…

French Toast

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a very very simple french toast but I sure do love it!  What else is better than bread… grilled with egg, covered in butter and maple syrup?  Bacon??  Of course, but hey I can’t… well shouldn’t eat a whole pound of bacon as a meal!

I love french toast and some nights when I really am clueless as to what to make I make french toast.  I keep a loaf of Texas toast on hand for that very reason.  Can you make it out of regular bread, sure.  But Texas toast is so much nicer!  And sure you can use fancy bread… go ahead.  But I like my cheap,  Texas toast!  So I am going to give you my recipe for the mixture you dip the bread in.  Dip it, toast it up in a pan, serve hot and good to go!  Oh and this is one reason I love my griddle!  I can make 8 pieces at once, which may not be a need for some families but for mine it means I can actually eat it while it’s hot!
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