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Easy Cheeseburger Soup

February 4, 2011 6 comments

I have had a couple different cheeseburger soups that others have made but have never been able to get the recipe for them.  We had a lot of ground beef and I wanted to make something new so we browned up 2 pounds of it and I set out to find a cheeseburger soup recipe.  None of them online appealed too much to be because I really wanted to use Cheddar Cheese soup as my base.  So I read a few and picked out things I wanted to use from them and then winged it.

Needless to say it was AWESOME!  It was comforting, filling and so nice and warm in the belly.  Oh and I forgot about the best part, easy to make!  You could cook it in a slow cooker or in a pan on the stove.  I used my stock pot tonight as my slow cooker was not quite ready to be used (aka dirty)

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Easy Chicken Soup

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry guys no pictures with this one, it was Halloween night that I made it and it was between getting decorations going, make up…. you get the picture!  It all started when I wanted to make a roast, but alas my roast had seen better days and we had to toss it, oops!

I knew I wanted to make something in the crockpot and then I remembered I had some Gnocchi in the pantry!  I had bought it to throw in some soup but hadn’t used it yet.  So I started digging and found 2 cans of white chicken meat I had bought for something else.  So soup it was!

Normally when I have made soup in the past I have used chicken stock, but I had none on hand, so I made do with ….. soup!  I used noodles and gnocchi, but you could use dumplings if you want.  I actually had just bought some and thought about using them.  I like to make things from scratch but sometimes you need those fast meals so I bought some frozen ones to try.

You can throw in some veggies, carrots, peas, celery.  I didn’t have anything on hand, but I would have thrown in some frozen peas at least if I did.

So here is my easy, throw together Chicken Soup.  Enjoy!


Easy Chicken Soup

1 pkg Reams Homestyle Egg Noodles
1 pkg Gnocchi
2 cans white chicken meat
2 cans cream of chicken
5 cups water
1-2 Tbsp chicken soup base – I like L B Jamison’s

Put the water, cream of chicken, soup base and chicken meat into the crockpot, let it cook on low for 2-4 hours, really it’s up to you.  Add whatever seasoning you want to it, I added a bay leaf.  About 20 – 30 min before you are ready to eat turn it to high and then add the noodles and gnocchi.  Let cook on high until everything is soft.