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Oriental Chicken Strips

February 18, 2013 1 comment


I found this recipe on one of the many Ideal Protein websites (Doctor’s office one) and changed it up a little because it called for teriyaki but didn’t think we were suppose to use it because of the sugar.

So if you want the original reciepe which also used sesame seeds and skewers go here

I didn’t use skewers because I didn’t have them and cooked it on the stove instead of on a grill.  Plus I am not into fancy presentation! lol  As you can tell the picture above it’s just of the chicken as my cauliflower in the oven took WAY longer than I expected!

I will say, you may want to make additional marinade to dip your chicken in if you want a lot of taste or actually marinade it for an hour as I didn’t.  I will say, this chicken was MELT IN YOUR MOUTH tender!  I couldn’t believe how tender and juicy it was! Read more…


Zucchini Pasta w/ Chicken

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment


So being on Ideal Protein you learn veggies can turn into lots of different things!  Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes”, Cauliflower “Rice” and now Zucchini Pasta!  Sure I have heard of spaghetti squash, but WHY make it out of veggies when there is the nice carb-y (word right?) version?

Welllll now that I can’t really have carbs I decided to try it out!  And let me tell you, SO having it again!

Image   Image

First thing I am going to tell you is there are lots of different ways you can prepare this, here are a few: Read more…

Flattened Chicken and Grilled Veggies

January 15, 2013 Leave a comment


So I was really craving some veggies, which for me is strange.  After being on this plan for over 2 months I do get tired of the veggies!  But I was craving some oven roasted veggies tonight.  So I went to the store and got some broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and yellow squash.  I decided that sounds like a good mix and Mike LOVES zucchini!


I checked out other recipes online before I did this but my cooking time was less than most said, the broccoli should have been chopped up a bit more because some of the bigger pieces were not completely done, a bit crunchy, but good!  So here is what we had for dinner tonight, Flattened chicken (because it takes less time to cook and we were hungry!) and grilled/oven roasted veggies!

Use whatever seasoning you wish, I am only telling you what kind we used, it was quite good and I will do it the same way again. Read more…

Easy Chicken Soup

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Sorry guys no pictures with this one, it was Halloween night that I made it and it was between getting decorations going, make up…. you get the picture!  It all started when I wanted to make a roast, but alas my roast had seen better days and we had to toss it, oops!

I knew I wanted to make something in the crockpot and then I remembered I had some Gnocchi in the pantry!  I had bought it to throw in some soup but hadn’t used it yet.  So I started digging and found 2 cans of white chicken meat I had bought for something else.  So soup it was!

Normally when I have made soup in the past I have used chicken stock, but I had none on hand, so I made do with ….. soup!  I used noodles and gnocchi, but you could use dumplings if you want.  I actually had just bought some and thought about using them.  I like to make things from scratch but sometimes you need those fast meals so I bought some frozen ones to try.

You can throw in some veggies, carrots, peas, celery.  I didn’t have anything on hand, but I would have thrown in some frozen peas at least if I did.

So here is my easy, throw together Chicken Soup.  Enjoy!


Easy Chicken Soup

1 pkg Reams Homestyle Egg Noodles
1 pkg Gnocchi
2 cans white chicken meat
2 cans cream of chicken
5 cups water
1-2 Tbsp chicken soup base – I like L B Jamison’s

Put the water, cream of chicken, soup base and chicken meat into the crockpot, let it cook on low for 2-4 hours, really it’s up to you.  Add whatever seasoning you want to it, I added a bay leaf.  About 20 – 30 min before you are ready to eat turn it to high and then add the noodles and gnocchi.  Let cook on high until everything is soft.


Chow Mein aka Beef and Rice

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment


I know I know…. this is NOT Chow Mein.  For some reason in my family that is what it was always called.  Along with grilled cheese being called cheese toasties.  I mostly call this dish beef and rice now, I got use to it after I was married and Mike looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going to make Chow Mein…. and this is what I served him!

Whatever you call it, it’s good, easy, fast… and in one skillet!  You can also make it in the oven, which is how I always use to make it until I realized I could use minute rice and cut down the cooking time by a lot and I could do it on the stove and not heat up the house for over an hour.
Read more…

Sweet and Sour Slow Cooker Chicken W/Orzo

September 25, 2010 2 comments

Just saw this on one of my favorite food blogs beginning of the week and knew I had to make it this weekend!  I love crockpot recipes.  I of course tweaked this one a bit and I will be making it again.

The recipe calls for 4-6 chicken breasts, well I only had 3 and I thought it would be enough.  I really didn’t want to make Mike run to the store for more.  It was good with the 3 but I am going to use more for sure next time and it will be REALLY good.  The picture above is with extra “sauce” on it, the kids and I didn’t add the extra sauce to ours and it was still really flavorful.  I couldn’t believe how good the chicken itself was.

Also, you could use white rice instead of orzo pasta but I didn’t think I had enough rice on hand so I opted for the orzo.  I have put the recipe below for the orzo as I didn’t just use water.
Read more…

Orange Chicken Lo Mein

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

So I hosted a Pampered Chef party at my house, second for the year.  I spotted something yummy in the catalog and decided I had to make it for my party.  I have tweaked it a bit by adding more chicken and more garlic.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures as I was cooking, chatting and drinking all at the same time.  From start to finish it took about 40-45 min to get it done.  Not too bad!

The chicken in the dish was great, I wanted to make more just to eat the chicken!!  I think I am going to make chicken the way this dish calls for and add it to other dishes, it just added something special to the dish I thought.  I will probably make this again and may tweak a few other things when I have time, like adding more cabbage and veggies.

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