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Chocolate Dessert

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

I will apologize first as I meant to take a lot more pictures of this dessert and I was hoping to have a nice big piece to take a picture of in the end.  But I made this for Connor’s (my 3rd grader) class at school, which is also why the pieces are cut a lot smaller than I normally make them.  Connor’s class had a tasting party for recipes that mean something special to their family.  This one has been passed down and made since my Great Grandma.

Personally I like it made with butterscotch pudding but I know chocolate is more of a hit with kids.  I also know people who have made it with vanilla pudding, but I am not a fan of that.

This was one of the first desserts I ever made and it turned out horrible!  Why?  Because I didn’t read the box of pudding and bought the kind you have to cook not the instant one… oops!  Now I am really really careful about that.

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