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Quick Meal – Hamburger and Eggs

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment



There are some nights, like tonight where I am out late and Mike waits to eat with me.  There are 2 things we almost always have on hand.  Lean Ground Beef and Eggs!

This is over the 8 oz of lean protein, more like 10 oz (maybe a bit more) but like I have said before there are meals where I do go over.  I just try not to make a habit out of it!

So our meal tonight and a quick lean protein meal.  Ground hamburger seasoned, topped with 2 over easy eggs.  Oh and our side of steamed broccoli!  One thing I have learned from this program is yes tastes matters but sometimes it’s about getting your body fuel, so if it’s one of those nights, eggs and beef it is!

We love our Ziplock steamer bags (if we use them for veggies we use them 3 times before tossing them) steam your broccoli, put some sea salt on it and yum!



Joe’s Crab Shack Eat at Home Salmon – Review

November 13, 2010 33 comments

So I love me some fish, especially salmon!  The kids like it but I would eat it a couple of nights a week if I could.  Last time I was out shopping I looked a bit more in the frozen meal section then I normally do and found these Joe’s Crab Shack meals for 2.  Sometimes there are nights when the kids eat sandwiches or frozen meals so I decided to grab a couple of these for the hubby and I.

The other night the kids really weren’t too hungry after grazing on popcorn, sandwiches and such, so Mike and I decided to try one of these.  He took care of the cooking of it so I have no pictures but he said it was really easy and you make everything in the microwave.  While it was cooking it sure did smell good!

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