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Chow Mein aka Beef and Rice

November 2, 2010 Leave a comment


I know I know…. this is NOT Chow Mein.  For some reason in my family that is what it was always called.  Along with grilled cheese being called cheese toasties.  I mostly call this dish beef and rice now, I got use to it after I was married and Mike looked at me like I was crazy when I said I was going to make Chow Mein…. and this is what I served him!

Whatever you call it, it’s good, easy, fast… and in one skillet!  You can also make it in the oven, which is how I always use to make it until I realized I could use minute rice and cut down the cooking time by a lot and I could do it on the stove and not heat up the house for over an hour.
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Chicken Fried Steak and Pan fried Potatoes

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

I sent Mike to the store to buy meat, sometimes I know what I want and sometimes I tell him to surprise me.  Well he came home with some discounted Top Round steak.  We had just seen a Drive in Dinners and Dives where they made Chicken Fried Steak… so I started searching online.  I can never find just one recipe, I always find a couple and combine them.

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Spaghetti Sauce

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes I am back!  Found my camera… which was where I thought it was but for some reason the men/boys in my family couldn’t find it.  Oh well, I know next time to look myself!

So Spaghetti sauce, seems like a simple thing.  I know a lot of people who use the kind out of a jar, actually I think a lot of people I know use it out of a jar.  And I am talking about Prego, Ragu… you know what I mean.  I have tried to use them and my kids hate them, I don’t even really like them.  I am not sure what it is about them I don’t like, maybe I am just used to my mom’s?

I know some people get really into their spaghetti sauce and use real tomatoes, I just don’t have the time or patience to do that or to can it!  So here is my basic recipe, it’s nice because by itself it’s good or you can add things to it that cater to YOUR tastes!  You can add fresh veggies to it, no problem!

I use Hunts products and love them, if you like a different tomato sauce/paste use that, if you want more spice throw more in.  This is just somewhere to start, tweak it to what you like.  But I have been eating this sauce for 30+ years and always go back to it.  I even had my kids not eating my spaghetti because they didn’t like the sauce until I finally called my mom and asked her for her “recipe”

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Meatloaf and Sliced Baked Potatoes

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

What is better than meatloaf?  Meatloaf sandwiches the next day?

My family loves meatloaf, I love meatloaf… what is not to like?  Meat, ketchup…. okay I know some people don’t like ketchup so use BBQ sauce.  I don’t make fancy meatloaf with cheese in it or bbq sauce.  I have tried different recipes but the kids always wants this meatloaf.

Now with meatloaf there are tons of things you can use as a filler.  I use breadcrumbs and will always use breadcrumbs (or hot dog bun crumbs) it’s what I like.  Now I have heard of people using oatmeal, crackers, stale cereal…. and many other things.  Use what you want, but know it does change the texture and flavor.  I normally use white bread but we once had some potato buns left over and I used them, I could totally tell a difference.
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Crock Pot Roast and Rice

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

There is nothing better than throwing something in the crock pot and not thinking about it until dinner time.  It lets you not think about dinner all day and then it’s like, Presto, dinner is done!  One thing I love is roast.  I have never cooked one any other way than the crock pot.  Usually what happened is on Sunday we would have a roast, maybe potatoes, rolls and a veggie.  Then on Tuesday or Wednesday we would dig the left over roast out with the gravy it automatically makes when cooked, shred it up and serve it over white rice.

But my boys, they don’t like roast all that much, so on Sundays they didn’t eat a lot of meat.  But they LOVED and raved over the leftovers.  So my mom had a brilliant idea.  Once the roast is done cooking, put rice in the crock pot and have roast and rice that night and you will still have it left to have leftovers later in the week.
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Tater Tot Casserole

September 1, 2010 Leave a comment

I was all ready to make Bubble Pizza tonight but I had no biscuits to make the bubbles!  So on the fly I decided on another favorite, Tater Tot Casserole.  Which really was perfect because someone at work was just asking me for this recipe.  And what is not to like about it?  It has meat and potatoes in it, perfect mid-west food!

I know two people who love it so much they sometimes ask for it as their birthday meal.  One is my son Connor (age 8 ) who was in heaven tonight when he found out I made this.  The other one is my brother Kory (age 33 and single ladies) who if he heard we were having it would have dropped what he was doing to come over and have some.  I love it now, but when I was a kid… no way.  I made myself choke it down.  I don’t know what it was I didn’t like, but I am glad my kids like it!
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