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Cutting Green Onions and Green Peppers


Okay, I am sure most know how to chop up green onions and peppers, but I know some that are so comfortable in the kitchen.  So here is a small preview of how to chop them or the size to chop them.  These were ones I put in my bean-less chili!

Green Onions or also known as Scallions

So that there picture above is a picture of my onions I got.  What I do is chop off the roots on the bulb end, and about where the light green starts to turn dark green.

Rinse them off and pull out the outter skin if it’s beat up or just doesn’t look good.


I didn’t want my perfect sizes so I cut a bunch at the same time.  Otherwise if I want them a specific size I cut one at a time.  If I want smaller pieces I cut them in half first.


Green Peppers

Not a lot to say here, I take it, cut off the top (with the stem) and then cut it in 1/4.  Take out the seeds and membrane (white stuff).  I then slice it into sticks.


Put all the sticks together and start chopping!  I like mine in little pieces.  Hope that helped someone out.  Toss these in sauce, chili, soup…. you are all set to go!


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