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Over Easy Hamburger w/ Brussel Sprouts


Okay so this is a REALLY simple one but still good!  One thing I have missed on the Ideal Protein diet is a CHEESEburger… I crave the cheese and bun!  But we have made due using lettuce as the “bun” etc.  But tonight I wanted an egg on my burger so we did a simple one.


1 lb of lean hamburger
1 Tbls soy sauce
1 Tbls (or so) of seasoning, we use Seasoning Salt from Tastefully Simple
4 Eggs
4 Cups Brussel Sprouts Cut in 4ths
1 Leek
Olive Oil
Garlic Powder
Sea Salt and Pepper for taste

Hamburger & Egg Directions:

We added the soy sauce and seasoning salt to the hamburger and made it into 4 patties, 2 for each of us.  We cooked them in a skillet (with a spray of Olive oil since there is less fat in the lean meat)

Once cooked we made an over easy egg for each burger (this is where I went over my 8 oz of protein, but like I said in my intro post I sometimes do go over, it’s my treat)  Here you really can’t see the burger, they were a bit smaller thant he eggs! lol


Brussel Sprouts – Rinse, remove outter leaves and cut into 1/4 pieces.  Place in a bowl.  Clean and cut the Leek (if you aren’t sure how to do it there are TONS of videos on YouTube I like this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm6XGDwjJQA)  Place your leek in the bowl.  Drizzle your alloted Olive Oil over and toss.  Add salt, pepper and some garlic powder.

Image  Image

Get your pan nice and warm, spray some olive oil and toss in the brussel sprouts.  I let them get a little brown over medium heat and then covered them with a lid.  This I think helps them cook faster.  After 3 mins I stirred them and added 1/4 cup of water and covered again.  Keep checking them every few minutes and stir.  I ended up added water twice.  Sorry I didn’t time how long they took but I am guessing 8-10 mins.  They were tasty!

Bad thing was we ate the burger and eggs and THEN the brussle sprouts were done.  That is what happens sometimes when I have to cook our meal and then the kids too!  Oh well, it was good anyway!



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