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Be Back Soon!

I will be back soon to post a bunch of new recipes and pictures.  It’s been a bad start to the year here at the Larson household.  I think every single person has been sick and hopefully we have finally seen a light at the end of the tunnel.  And let me tell you, it they weren’t all little colds.  Oh no, my kids had to do it up big!  I had one out of school for a week due strep, oh wait then they decided it wasn’t strep… basically it look and acted like strep but wasn’t.  Then my youngest (2 years old) was in the hospital for 24 hours as he had a congestion so bad in his upper right lung he couldn’t move air very well, which doesn’t help when he has Asthma anyway.  Took him over a week go to back to normal and of course while he was sick his sister got double ear infection which made her temp hit 102-103 every day.

Oh and throw in a 9th birthday party… my second in line to get mono (this week) and Mike to even get sick… he NEVER gets sick!  So January was a very fast month here.  I did celebrate my 35th birthday…. and I don’t think anyone was sick then.

But coming this weekend I will start getting back on track with some meals, goodies and snacks!

Just a peek




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