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And the Baking Begins!

This is just what I had in my pantry!  Sent Mike to the store to get me a few things, like lots of butter, so I was all set!

So here is the game plan.  Bake at least twice a week through the whole month of December starting this week.  Now there will be weeks I bake almost every day, but I am sure you will forgive me.

I will post pictures and recipes as fast as I can and may have a game plan to stay on top of things as I already have been waiting for recipes!  Please, PLEASE post a question about a recipe if you have one, if you tried something different and want to share, or if something didn’t work for you.  And of course I love to hear your feedback about the recipes!  Let me know if you tried them and how they turned out.  OR if you have only tried them through my baking, please leave comments about the cookies so others may know how great… or bad they were! lol

First I want to introduce everyone to my favorite baking utensil.

Yes… a fork.  I don’t use a hand mixer, nor do I use a fancy stand mixer (but I am not saying I don’t want one) I have always used a fork.  And I realize this may explain why my right arm is a bit skinnier than my left, which I only noticed the other day.  What am I getting at here?  I am saying if you have a fork, a bowl and ingredients YOU can bake.  If a recipe says to bake it for 10-12 min, that doesn’t mean put it in for 12 min (Mike!) put it in for 9 min and check it and if it needs a bit more time go by a min or two.

I have use butter in a lot of recipes, margarine in some of the old ones passed down.  I am okay with using either myself.  But here, in Iowa if you are going to use Margarine please do yourself a favor and use Hy-Vee brand, trust me, it’s better!

Okay, lets begin!

P.s. Sorry Taylor, this was not the post you were waiting for… it’s coming!

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