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Sausage Pasta

It was another one of those, send Mike to the store and see what he brings home, kind of adventures.  So what did he bring me?  Some Johnsonville Four Cheese Italian Sausages, Wal-Mart had marked them down a couple bucks and he decided we could try something different with them.  On the front is a picture of them with pasta, so we thought, okay let’s try it.

But instead of using the recipe inside the package we went online and found one at Allrecipes.com to try.  Not that I don’t trust Johnsonville’s recipe, but I would much rather go with a place I know and can read reviews!  We tweaked it a bit to fit what we had.  But I have to tell you… I was IMPRESSED!  This was actually really good.  Something I will make again!  The kids liked it but they have issue with sausages, they think all are too spicy.  But they did like the pasta and sauce and tried a couple of the sausages.

Getting a bit steamy in here!

Sausage Pasta

1 lb pasta
1 tbsp olive oil (or so)
1 pkg sausages (about 5 in a pack)
1 can chicken broth
1 can diced tomatoes
4 cloves garlic – minced or chopped however you prefer
1 onion (we used some tastefully simple onion onion)

Bring pot of salted water to a boil, cook pasta until done. Cut sausage into disks, I cut mine before cooking as I wanted them browned all over.  In a large skillet heat oil and add sausage, cook for about 5 min and then add onion and garlic, cook until sausage no longer pink.  Add broth and tomatoes (with liquid) to pan.  Cook all together for about 5 min over medium heat.

Add pasta, stir and raise heat until you have a slight boil, stir and let bubble until liquid starts to reduce.  Should take about 5-8 min, keep stirring to coat noodles in the sauce.  Once reduced remove from heat and serve.  We sprinkled some mozzarella cheese on top once we dished it up, you could also use Parmesan.

The gal over at Allreicpes added spinach to hers, if you want to get some veggies in it I think it would be a great idea.  We didn’t have any on hand.  But if you do add it put it in before you let it reduce.  Right after you add the liquid, cover and let it wilt.

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