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French Toast

This is a very very simple french toast but I sure do love it!  What else is better than bread… grilled with egg, covered in butter and maple syrup?  Bacon??  Of course, but hey I can’t… well shouldn’t eat a whole pound of bacon as a meal!

I love french toast and some nights when I really am clueless as to what to make I make french toast.  I keep a loaf of Texas toast on hand for that very reason.  Can you make it out of regular bread, sure.  But Texas toast is so much nicer!  And sure you can use fancy bread… go ahead.  But I like my cheap,  Texas toast!  So I am going to give you my recipe for the mixture you dip the bread in.  Dip it, toast it up in a pan, serve hot and good to go!  Oh and this is one reason I love my griddle!  I can make 8 pieces at once, which may not be a need for some families but for mine it means I can actually eat it while it’s hot!

Oh and we do on occasion actually eat it for breakfast.

French Toast Mix

5 eggs  – figure one egg a person it seems to work
3 tbsp sugar – raw if you have it or white
2 tbsp vanilla
2/3 c milk
cinnamon – optional

Mix everything together, but add the cinnamon last.  There is no measurement for cinnamon because it won’t mix in, it will more sit on top.  So add some, dip some bread and add more when needed.  Why the sugar?  I read it once in a recipe and that it sweetens the mixture and I think it does.  Sometimes when I have it on hand I use raw sugar.  I have a picture below of the cinnamon and how it doesn’t really mix in.  But it does add a little something to the french toast!  Enjoy!

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