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Some of my Favorite Kitchen Items

Well since I have had some sick kids this week and then I got hit with the bug I haven’t cooked much.  Mike stepped up and made Hot Dogs with Mac and Cheese (from a box, yes) the other night.  That is one of his specialties when he cooks.

And thank goodness we had lots of left overs!  When it’s one of those nights where we don’t want to cook, we don’t want to eat out and we really don’t want to do a whole lot of anything we have an “Eat what you want night”  No… doesn’t mean you can eat candy.  But you can have whatever leftovers you want, or a frozen meal, toast… whatever.  We keep a few kids frozen meals on hand for this type of night.

Well I was sitting here recovering yesterday, watching Rachel Ray and was thinking of my favorite kitchen items.  Probably because I was taking note of her knife skills and it got me thinking of my knives.  I always thought a knife was a knife… but no way!  And now I have tons of knives.

My favorite?  The Pampered Chef colored ones.  I know people are going to say there are other ones out there that they like better but I love the price of these!  I can’t live without them!

Oh and don’t worry, I will be cooking today and Sunday, can’t let my kids fend for themselves too many nights in a row.

Pampered Chef Colored Knives

I use these for everything I possibly can!  They cut like a dream. I have to stop myself from buying more.  And these have covers on them which is a bonus with kids!  We have these in a drawer and I can know they kids won’t just reach in and cut themselves!

Presto Electric Cool-Touch Griddle

I had always wanted a griddle and finally just went out and bought one for myself.  It has been one of the best things I have every bought!  If I had more room I would buy another one!  We cook everything on here, breakfast foods, hamburgers and chicken.

Pampered Chef Cookie Sheet

I have had other cookie sheets, but these are nice and hefty!  I have all the sizes but use the cookie sheet more than any of the other ones.

Tupperware Thatsa Bowl

I use these for everything, I have 4 of them in the regular size along with a small one and 2 really big ones.  I don’t use the giant ones for much but they have come in handy in a pinch!  I mix all my baked goods in these along with making salsa etc.  I have an addiction to Tupperware.

Rachael Ray Spatulas

Or flippers, whatever you want to call them.  I bought my first set a couple of years ago and fell in love with them.  They are great for pancakes, cookies, fish even hamburgers!  The corner really helps get underneath everything.  I just bought another set this year after deciding my other set was not enough!

Pampered Chef Cutting Board

Just bought this one this year and love it more than any other board I have had!  I have never had a wood one because I worry about the cleaning of it.  I have 2 sizes of this one and almost think I need one more!

Rachael Ray Tongs

I have been searching for a while for some tongs I really liked.  On a whim (and they were on sale) I decided to try the Rachael Ray ones.  They are EXACTLY what I was looking for.  Soft ends, I control them staying closed or being able to open them.  Plus I love having the small set, I really want a few more of those!

Pampered Chef Bamboo Spoons

I bought my first set of these a couple of years ago, thought I would try them out.  Now I recommend them to everyone.  Not only do they not scratch your pots or pans but they don’t stain!  At least I haven’t had them stain and I have used them in everything.  We use these to stir pasta, break up hamburger… everything and I love them.

There you have it, some of my favorite things that I use day-to-day.  These are things that if I didn’t have I wouldn’t know what to use!  Of course there are those little specialty things I love, like my citrus squeezer, my microplane and more… but those I don’t use every day.

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