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No fuss Tuna and Noodles

What is so special about Tuna and Noodles you may ask?  Well if you ask me it’s the crunchy noodles on top, but my children would disagree on that point!  But really?  It’s cheap, fast and easy to make!  Sure you have to cook the noodles ahead of time, but once that is done you can forget about it.  There have been many a times on the way home I call Mike and ask him to start the water boiling and even sometimes have him start the noodles.

Everyone seems to have a different tuna and noodle recipe, some are fancy and some are very basic.  Mine I like to think of as very basic.  I got adventurous once and put sweet corn nibblets in it, you know the really sweet, small pale corn.  5 out of 6 of us loved it, wasn’t a whole lot different but gave it a sweet taste.  The other one?  He swore all he could taste was the corn.  So now sometimes we have it with corn in it and sometimes we don’t.  Reason I picked corn was it was the same color as the noodles, less chance of someone picking it out!

We can go a month without having tuna and noodles and then when I mention having it, well it’s like someone telling me they have a huge tub of Dove mint ice cream for me… it’s like heaven.  Tonight was one of those nights.  But I have to admit it’s one of our fall backs which is why I always have egg noodles on hand and tuna.  We get the big pack at Sam’s Club.

When I cook my noodles I salt the water.  If you are going to do this remember one thing, RINSE the noodles off after you are done.  Otherwise you are going to have a salty bite!  I throw in a palm full or so of kosher salt after the water has started to boil.

Tuna and Noodles

1 bag of wide egg noodles (12-16 oz)
1 can of tuna
1 can of cream of chicken
3/4 of a can of milk (way to reuse the cream of chicken can)
corn optional (or peas)

Preheat your oven to 350.  Cook your noodles and drain (rinse if you salted the water)  While the noodles are cooking take a casserole dish, or baking dish and mix your cream of chicken, tuna and milk together in the bottom.  Once noodles are rinsed and drained dump on top.  Mix with giant spoon (I love the Pampered Chef Bamboo spoons for this!)

Put in oven for 30 min.  If it’s looking dry add a little more milk and stir, put back in for a few min.  Sometimes we like it creamier and sometimes we like it on the drier side.

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